GTA V: Most Effective But Not Well Know GTA Online Tips and Tricks

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Earlier today we presented tips and tricks and and also how to make some easy money in GTA V online multiplayer portion, Grand Theft Auto Online. The tips and tricks listed we well know to most players of GTA Online.

GTA OnlineNow we would like to present not so well known but most effective tips and tricks in Grand Theft Auto Online. So without much ado, here is the full list via Reddit user Shippage:

General Pro Tips:

  • Dying costs 5% of your bank (maxing at 5k) so try to avoid getting in fights with random players.
  • Passive mode is not invincibility. You’re still vulnerable to being shot from a car and being run over.
  • When robbing a store, kill the store keeper and take the money out of the register for more.
  • You can sell cars to any auto-shop once every in-game day (around 48 minutes) which usually goes for 4-9k.
  • Luxery Sedans and high end SUVs are the highest paying car when selling cars to the auto-shop.
  • You can withdraw/deposit cash safely from your phone.
  • All your progress online before the brown sync icon appears will be lost on turning off your console, selecting Leave GTA Online will save your progress.
  • The Radio Mirror Park radio station is the best station.
  • You can also shut down your console if you lost a great sum of money and haven’t synced yet to restore your previous save.
  • When you find a good farming mission, repeat as much as possible.
    Most good farming missions you cannot choose to join and usually end up
    joining by random.
  • You run faster with no weapons out I think?
  • Gerald’s missions seem to pay the highest. Would like to know if anyone has found any higher paying missions.
  • I found a crowbar on the death-match mission on the boat and got to keep it afterwards. It’s awesome.
  • If you’re not finding good matches on Quick Job try swapping sessions by pressing Find New Session.
  • Buying Armor before a session is usually worth it. It’s cheaper then the 2k death penalty.
  • Blue moving objective points that aren’t auto GPS tracked will appear under Quick GPS.
  • If a player in your passenger sets a GPS route on the map, it will also appear on your map.
  • Simeon’s missions are time consuming and not worth the payout compared to Gerald’s missions.
  • Use Find New Session to quickly warp back to your garage/apartment.
  • If you get a phone call from an AI, your characters lips will move, it’s pretty funny.
  • When buying an apartment/garage, you will sell your already owned
    property and get about half the value back to contribute to the
  • Only the host needs to be the required level to start a mission. Anyone can play with anyone regardless of level requirements.
  • Press RT to vote for replay mission after everyone has liked even if the option is not shown.
  • Mashing jump up hills is faster then running.
  • Sports/Super cars must be bought through the ultimate motors website to keep in your garage, sell or modify.
  • Don’t quit golf/tennis/shooting range etc. because you are losing.
    You still get rp (experience) for losing and for being a good sport you
    will get monetary rewards. Plus you still get points towards your
    Races can be done solo. They can give 500-1000 rp each time alone which
    can be a great experience booster. Keep in mind though that it costs 100
    each time.
  • Players drop 100 every time they die, in addition to any funds they are carrying.
  • You have to start a solo/private game from the pause menu.
  • Blowing up other players owned vehicles deems you a bad sport, so be careful on your drive-by stick-bomb sprees.
  • On the other hand, shooting the all the tires out of a players personal vehicle is totally okay.
  • Heritage can influence character height in Character Creation.
  • How you set your time spent in character creation can affect how you
    look, though apparently some of these can be removed when you get an
  • Stores can be re-robbed immediately if you swap sessions.
  • Driving a car into an auto-shop gets rid of your wanted level.
  • Cops will sometimes chase you if the car you are driving is stolen.
  • All clothing stores have the same options for different items.
  • To unlock car upgrades you need to run races with that class of car and level up.
  • Holding back allows you to split up money that you get from robberies.
  • Wear a mask when you rob a place and remove it once you exit to drop your wanted level by 1 star.

Good Money Farming Missions:

[Violent Duct – 2-3 Minutes – 9k Payout – Gerald Mission]

  • Fastest money making method right now.
  • Run on easy for the fastest run.
  • Don’t immediately gun at the start, instead sneak in from the left entrance and you can do a sweep in like 20 seconds.
  • Recommended 3-4 person party. Host must be level 15+.
  • Kill the gang and have a smooth ride to the drop off.
  • Nice, now keep yo mouth shut about me, ya hear.

[Meth’d up – 3-4 Minutes – 5k Payout – Gerald Mission]

  • Low level requirement, can’t remember exact.
  • Drive/run straight to the RV and drive straight to the drop off.
    Driving off road to the objective will make your life a lot easier by
    avoiding most of the enemies.

[A Titan of a Job – 6-9 Minutes – 10k Payout – Trevor Mission]

  • Recommended 4-6 person party. Host must be level 24+.
  • Run on easy for the fastest run.
  • Have your team attack the hanger from both sides as you make your
    wait in, move the truck that’s in-front of the aircraft and take off.
    Enjoy your smooth flight back and don’t crash.

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Source: Reddit