GTA V: New GTA Online Details and Screenshots from IGN Latest Preview

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Grand Theft Auto V GameInformer Screen 1

IGN recently had a preview of Grand Theft Auto V online multiplayer portion “GTA Online”. The article features ton of new details and information about GTA Online, and guess what we have below for you along with eleven new screenshots.

GTA OlineGTA Online will release on October 1 for PS3 and Xbox 360. It will be available for free of cost to gamers who bought a copy of GTA V. Here are the new details and screens.

  • You can go on convenience store robberies with friends.
  • Start online races by dropping a pin on the map and having friends join up.
  • One multiplayer mission Titan Steel has you and your friends stealing a plane and landing it on your own airstrip.
  • Play golf and tennis online.
  • You can invite friends to your in-game house.
  • Hundreds of online missions will be available at launch on October 1.
  • You can watch movies with your friends in-game.
  • Secure your accrued money from theft/loss after dying by visiting an ATM.
  • Deathmatch and race editors will be available at launch for creating your own missions, and more will follow later.
  • There’s a “Make It Rain” button that you can use to impress your friends when visiting a strip club together.

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Source: IGN