GTA V PC Petition Crosses 500K Signatures, 10th Biggest Petition on Site

GTA V Pic 3

The infamous GTA V for PC petition has surpassed 500,000 signatures and has become 10th biggest campaign on “” site. At the time of writing the petition has received “516,514” siginatures and the aim is to get 10,00,000 supporters.

GTA VFor past few we have already seen numerous hints (retailer listing and others) indicating that PC port of GTA V is indeed in development at Rockstar Games, so PC just need to keep their desperation level under control and wait for official announcement from Rockstar Games (which will take some time).

Rockstar Games is currently focusing on current-gen console version of GTA V that has just been released, and it won’t do anything to harm game’s sales for a while. Announcing a PC port would now definitely harm sales of GTA V PS3 and X360 version.

We definitely salute dedication of PC gamers towards this petition, but again we have no idea when Rockstar Games will unveil PC port.

On this entire GTA V for PC scenario, here is the most hilarious GIF, check it out, you guys won’t stop laughing after seeing it.

GTA V for PC Gif