GTA V PC Port Already in Beta Testing Phase, First Screens Leaked?

GTA V Franklin and Chop Artwork

Rockstar Games is currently beta testing Grand Theft Auto V PC version, if details revealed by Reddit user “DevBuild” is to believe. The user claims to be a Rockstar Toronto beta tester who just received dev build of GTA V PC version.

GTA VAs a proof, DevBuild also shared few screenshots (of GTA V PC version) on Reddit. Take a look at them below. We advice our readers to take all these details with a giant truckload of salt.

In addition to screens, DevBuild also revealed some details regarding stats of GTA V PC port, “30/60 fps lock(swap) lock 1280×720(1920×1080 with black bars like LA NOIRE ) Middle graphics lock Good optimization (GTX 550 50~60fps)”

Other Reddit users asked DevBuild to give some proof for verfication that he indeed work for Rockstar Games Toronto but no reply came from DevBuild.

What you guys think, these screens are LEGIT or FAKE?. Let us know your views in the comment section below.

GTA V PC Build Screen 1

GTA V PC Build Screen 2

GTA V PC Build Image 3

GTA V PC Build Image 4

GTA V PC Build Image 5

GTA V PC Build Image 6