GTA V Pre-Download Delayed Until Sep 16, Gamers Starts Rage Storm Against Sony

Sony via their official Playstation Blog has just announced that the pre-download of GTA V digital version has been delayed by few days. Initially Sony planned to allow pre-download of GTA V from September 13 i.e Four days before game’s official release.

But due to some unknown reason Sony delayed GTA V pre-download. Now Gamers won’t be able to pre-download GTA V until September 16 i.e a day before official release.

Immediately after this announcement, a type of rage erupted with fans showing their disappointment on this decision of Sony. Here are few comments from user (taken directly from PS Blog):

“First time pre-ordering digitally and the last time,” said vertigo9219. “What a *****ing shambles Sony. No point in asking for the £50 back from my wallet I guess. That’s the part of the deal you will hold up – no refunds.”

User named Jay81Uk said: They’ve not even taken the funds from my wallet yet. No confirmation on pre-orders for GTAV yet – come on Sony answer us!

I swear to god, if I have to wait til midnight the 17th to begin downloading 18GB i WILL be severely butt ravaged, jayashantha said

I’m starting to get really nervous about this. The description clearly says that it should download on 13th, so why block it? Because of the leak? Don’t be ridiculous, Sony. Now I have doubts even about it being available for pre-load on 16th. Downloading it would probably take me more than a day (thx to my internet speed) and one of the reasons why I preordered it on PSN was that I thought i would be able to play it exactly at 0:00 on 17.9. Damn it!

I can’t belive that sony is so disorganized, if you put a date you must respect it. If we can’t download it before the 17th i want my 70€ of funds BACK!

User named Arun1910 said: Utterly ridiculous. I am going to University on Sunday and the reason I spent £50 to get this digitally was so that I would only have to download an unlock file on the 17th.
Now I am going to have to download 18GB of data on my Universities internet, and who knows how reliable that is. Not to mention that now people won’t be downloading over 4 days, but now 1.
I want my money back. Would rather go to ASDA and pick up a copy for cheaper.

Are you happy with delay of GTA V pre-load?. Let us know in the comment section below what you guys think about it?.