GTA V PS3 Version Having Similar Graphics Issue As X360 After Installing Play Disc Data: Report

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D screenshot

Grand Theft Auto V GameInformer Screen 1

Yesterday Rockstar Games issued a warning to all owners of GTA V (Xbox 360 retail copies) not to install “Play Disc” data. However, no reason was revealed behind this warning.


Our Friend at DigitalFoundry discovered that if you installed GTA V Play Disc data onto HDD you will face some nasty texture/geometry pop-in issues. As a proof for this, DF releases a comparison footage showcasing the differences (watch it below).

Now according to reports coming out from users official PlayStation Blog Europe, PS3 version of GTA V is facing this same issue as its Xbox 360 counterpart.

GTA V: PS3 Copy Play Disc Installation Issue Image 1

GTA V: PS3 Copy Play Disc Issue Image 2

Is this report TRUE?, Have you played GTA V on PS3 and experience texture and other issues? let us know in the comment section below.