GTA V Review Embargo Ends on Sep 16 at 7AM PST/10AM EST, More Details Inside

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GTA V Vinewood Artwork

GTA V will arrive on retail shelves on September 17 for PS3 and Xbox 360, but review embargo for Grand Theft Auto V will be lifted a day before official release i.e on September 16 at 7AM PST/10AM EST.

GTA VFew select Gaming Media across the globe will have their GTA V review published giving out details how awesome the game inevitably will be.

In a recent interview to The Guardian, Dan Houser, Co-Founder of Rockstar talked about things he want reviewers to look into a game while reviewing.

“You know, game reviewing, when it sort of breaks down into checklists, you feel like you may as well have made a lawnmower. It feels odd to me. I mean, games are sort of like a machine in some ways, but I still think that’s a strange way to think about them. Don’t think about the graphics or the music or whatever, just think about the whole. Was the experience engaging? That’s what we’re going for. We tailor our stories and our mission designs to make this total experience that will feel good alongside the graphics, alongside the physics – it should all feel cohesive, it should feel that the whole world exists and you can’t really separate the elements. It’s all got to gel together – that’s when we think we’ve been successful.”

Do we really need a review for a game such as GTA V?, how many of you will wait for GTA V review and then based on it will go for purchasing it?. Let us know in the comment section below.