GTA V Sales Figure Are “Not Impressive” says Fable creator Peter Molynuex

GTA V Pic 3

Grand Theft Auto V made $800 million in revenue on Day One sales, and touched $1 billion mark in just three (as per the details revealed by Take-Two in the latest press release), but still these GTA V sales figure are “not impressive” says Fable series creator Peter Molynuex.

GTA VSpeaking at a mobile innovation conference with Mobile Entertainment last night, Peter Molynuex said “It [GTAV] will achieve around $1 billion in revenue on consoles in just one month,”

“Sounds impressive doesn’t it?” Molynuex asked rhetorically before adding “No. That’s not impressive.”

Molynuex further went on to compare sales of GTA V with a Mobile platform and mobile games who he says are “achieving between $3 million and $5 million a day.”

“That is impressive,” Molynuex concluded.

We all agree with the profitability of mobile games, but comparing it with GTA V is completely out of radar as two operate on two different platforms in two different markets.

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