GTA V’s Franklin Teases Single-Player DLC Is In The Making

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GTA V Vinewood Artwork

People have been waiting a long time for their Grand Theft Auto V story mode additional content but Rockstar Games has never seemed to be too interested in doing some of them. Simply, they have GTA Online which is doing great right now, so they prefer to focus on it until they can and, regarding single-player DLC, you don’t ever know…


By the way, Shawn Fonteno, Franklin in GTA V, has just reached Instagram with a photo of him wearing a motion cap suit right in front of three Rockstar Games posters depicting L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV. The Rockstar logo appears in the reflection on one of the posters, so it looks clear the photo was taken with Fonteno sitting right in the developers’ office.

The message under the photo isn’t that much clear, since the actor only said “LOL FUCCCCCCC IT ….. “, which could basically mean anything from nothing to “yes, we’re finally making it”, in some sort of gangsta-like celebration.

Single-player additional content for GTA V are kind of a mystery right now: Rockstar Games said they were working on more of it back in 2013, with a release date initially planned for 2014, but now it looks clear that both the new versions of the game (PS4, Xbox One and PC) and the success of GTA Online have changed their plans.