Guerilla Cambridge’s Unannounced PS4 Exclusive Graphics Details Hinted By Senior Graphics Programmer Job Listing


Its an open secret that Guerilla Cambridge is currently working on a brand new unannounced Playstation 4 exclusive title. We have no details whatsoever about what this new title from Guerilla Cambridge is about but a recent job listing shed some details regarding what we can expect to see in graphics/visuals department.


Guerilla Cambridge is currently looking for Senior Graphics Programmer (Permanent Post) and acccording to details in the listing, expect to see amazing graphics/visuals in this unannounced Playstation 4 exclusive title as the requirement section states that Senior Graphics Programmer should have an experienced engineer to maintain and push forward existing visual effects technologies within an established rendering engine, on a major future project.

“Scene graph and render order management; partitioning and culling techniques; lighting and shadowing techniques; animation and skinning systems; effects management (decals, particles and full-screen post-processes)

They will have an appreciation of the offline pipelines required to realise their work: from point-of-authoring tools, through to target-platform data generation.”

The full list of requirements are:

  • Excellent C++ and GLSL / Cg / HLSL skills.
  • Excellent understanding of maths / geometry.
  • Very good debugging skills.
  • Experience with runtime performance analysis and optimisation techniques:- from algorithmic and data construct levels, through to CPU, GPU and shader instruction sets.
  • Deep familiarity with CPU architectures, cache behaviour and programming for SIMD.
  • Familiarity with current techniques in graphics, reading and understanding research papers.
  • Experience with multithreaded and distributed programming.
  • Excellent general software design skills, knowledge of algorithms and data structures, software architectures and development methods.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must, and the ability to communicate ideas with other disciplines is essential.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field or equivalent professional experience.
  • A passion for games and graphics in general.
  • Has been involved in the start-to-finish development of render technologies for at least 2 AAA games on current gen platforms.
  • A desire to make a difference to the industry, and a passion for working with others in an effort to do so.

Expect to see an official reveal of this unannounced PS4 exclusive from Guerilla Games at E3 2014.