Guerrilla Games Explains Why Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Female Protagonist Instead Of Male Lead

Horizon Zero Dawn

The next big thing coming from Guerrilla Games is a brand new IP for PlayStation 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn. The studio has previously worked on Killzone video game franchise, but the work they are doing now is completely different from their previous project for example Horizon Zero dawn is not a first person shooter like Killzone, but an open-world action RPG. Secondly, the game has a female lead protagonist named Aloy.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Speaking with GameSpot, Guerrilla Games’ de Jonge revealed the reason behind the release delay of Horizon: Zero Dawn from 2016 to 2017, and why the development team went for a Female lead protagonist.

On release delay of Horizon: Zero Dawn, de Jonge said:

“When we started with a concept we felt like we had a pretty fresh mix of ingredients; the BBC nature documentary kind of feel, and then the sci-fi elements with the robots,” he explained. “We also felt like we need a fresh main character. We’ve been making Killzone games; we’ve done male protagonists for quite a while. Now, we wanted to do something else.

“We’re switching from the first-person shooter to open-world action RPG. Everything is shifting, so this was another thing we wanted to try. And we felt like a female character like Aloy would fit in really well.”

When asked about why Guerrilla Games went ahead with the decision to have a female lead in the game, de Jonge revealed:

“What we have been focusing on is not if it’s male or female, but it’s more to figure out her personality,” he explained. “Make her personality really interesting. And also the way she looks; make that feel like she’s really a tribal hunter. That fits in this world and surroundings.

“She’s very curious and determined, and she wants to explore the world and figure out these mysteries,” he added. “And hopefully we can give the player the same feeling; you want to know what’s out there, you want to discover these new Machines, you want to meet the new tribes. That’s how we’ve mostly designed her character.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled to release on February 28, 2017 exclusively on PlayStation 4.