Guillermo del Toro: “Silent Hill/P.T Not Gonna Happen And That Breaks My Greasy Heart”

Guillermo Del Toro has finally confirmed that the much awaited Silent Hills/P.T for PlayStation 4 has been CANNED. The confirmation came at the San Francisco International Film Festival last night. Del Toro confirmed that Silent Hills/P.T is “not gonna happen”.

Silent Hills/P.T

“It’s not gonna happen and that breaks my greasy heart.” were the exact wordings of Del Toro, as per the details shared by Twitter user TV’s Matt Hackney. This was retweeted Ian Gibson, Assistant to Guillermo del Toro.

This is another massive blow to fan base of Konami. No more Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid games and now no more Silent Hills, which was well on track to be a masterpiece. Silent Hills (aka “P.T.”) was a revival of the horror game franchise by Kojima Productions on Fox Engine technology. Designed with input from Guillermo Del Toro and starring Norman Reedus, the game was designed to introduce new levels of unspeakable horror to gamers.

Silent Hills Canceled Confirms Del Toro