GWENT Midwinter Update Now Available


The popular Witcher card game GWENT has just gotten better. The new GWENT Midwinter Update adds over 100 new cards to the game, many featuring entirely new game mechanics. A daily quests system and minor visual changes to deck selection round out a pretty chunky free content update that should get you through the holidays.

The Midwinter Update adds more than 100 cards to the game, many of which with new abilities and gameplay mechanics sure to shake things up on the battlefield. The update also introduces the story-driven Midwinter Hunt. Starring Geralt of Rivia, this set of challenges will test players’ skills and reward their efforts with a themed avatar, frame and title.

New Features

The update also expands the range of gameplay features in GWENT by including a daily quest system. A significant revamp of features already available includes a new deck builder and card replacement screen and improved visuals.

  • In various choice menus your cards should now offer a blue highlight and the opponent’s a red highlight.
  • You can now look in the graveyard during choice menus.
  • A new play slot has been added to the game to make it easier to see when various types of cards are being played.
  • Combat text has been added to the game.
  • Rewards for several seasons have been added to the trinkets menu.
  • There is now a limit of 9 units per row.
  • Card animations have changed significantly to make it easier to follow when cards are Discarded, Summoned, etc.
  • Leaders no longer Spawn a copy of themselves. Instead, they are played like normal units.
  • The Holiday Keg Pack has been added to the game.
  • The Midwinter Hunt event has been added to the game.
  • The Token category has been added to the game. Tokens are automatically removed from the game on entering the graveyard.
  • The reconnect system has been added to the game.

The full list of new features and tweaks found in the Midwinter Update is available here. The update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.