Half Life 3 Is Already Available For Pre-order On Danish Retailer Website

Believe it or not, a well known retailer in Danish named “Webhallen” is taking pre-orders, Half-Life 3, the third installment in Half Life video game franchise, which is yet to be officially announced by Valve. Also, the listing carries “2016” as a release date and Valve as the developer and publisher of the game.

Half Life 3

This listing in no ways confirms existence of Half Life 3. It might just be a human error from Webhallen because Valve has not yet hinted anything about existence of Half Life 3, not even a single word like “it’s coming” or something.

All hopes is still not lost for Half Life fans considering and we might hear something from Valve (also possibly a full reveal). No expected E3 2015 to be as big as it was, some unexpected game announcements were made, starting from The Last Guardian to Shenmue 3 to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Who knows E3 2016 could be about Half Life 3?

How many of you expect Valve to officially reveal Half Life 3 in 2016? Share your views with us in the comment section below.