Halo 2, Destiny Writer Working On Crackdown 3 Story: “It’s Super Fun”


Good news for those waiting for Crackdown 3 to finally release, hopefully in time for 2017. Joseph Staten has revealed he has spent couple days on the writing of the story for the upcoming Microsoft’s exclusive for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, which makes it for some good sci-fi story after all, in the context for a series that has never shined from that perspective.

Crackdown 3 Gets A New Writer

“Got to do a little @crackdown writing yesterday, and off to visit the the dev team in the UK today. It’s been a fine few days, Agents!,” Staten said on Twitter. As many of you might recall, he’s spent few years working on Halo 2, Destiny and ReCore, so this is a very welcome entry into the party.

He also provided fans with some updates about what’s going on with Crackdown 3, which has recently been in the middle of rumors of a possible cancellation after Scalebound suffered the same faith. “It’s going great. Super fun to play. The devs have really nailed the classic Crackdown feel.”

Great to hear that! Hopefully we’ll learn more about that when E3 2017 comes in June.