Halo: Reach Sells Just 44K in Japan

Halo: Reach sales figure in Japan has been pretty disappointing as it has only managed to sale 44,413 units within its first week.

Halo, Halo: Reach, Halo Reach

According to the sales figure the game is currently placed in this week Media Create charts, and the game that tops the chart is non other than Pokenom Black and White which sold 2.5 million unit.

Here is the complete Media Create Chart Table:

  1. DS Pokemon Black / White: 2,557,779
  2. PS3 Front Mission Evolved: 51,084
  3. PSP Yugioh Tag Faibudizu: 45,879
  4. XB360 Halo: REACH: 44,413
  5. Wii Wii Party: 36,547
  6. PSP: Han Mong village diary Airu: 28,627
  7. DS: Gigantobatoru Piece: 28,123
  8. PSP BLUE ROSES 9,846
  9. DS Taiko no Tatsujin DS Ron Pedro!: 8,729
  10. Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2: 8,178