Halo Wars 2 Artwork Leaked, Confirms Ark, Hints Towards Post Halo 3 Era Setting


Some new artwork of Halo Wars 2 has been leaked on the internet. You can check out them below. These artworks were posted by Twitter user LifeLower, an insider with a very good track record. The first and the foremost thing, these leaked artworks of Halo Wars 2 confirms is that the event in the game might take place post-Halo 3 era. The core showcased in the artwork is damaged, no doubt it is from the Halo activation in 3.

Halo Wars 2

The second theory (according to Neogaf user “Kalentan”) is that the center is the foundry and it looks used up. The UNSC wanted to use it after taking control of it after the book events in 2555. But the Spirit of Fire was still reported MIA in 2558. So this must be posted Halo 4 maybe during Halo 5.

Another interesting thing that caught our attention in the artwork is confirmation of the Ark. Check out the artwork below and let us know what do you guys think about these leaked artworks of Halo Wars 2.

halo_wars_2_art_1.jpg halo_wars_2_art_2.jpg