Hand Of Fate 2 Gets A Release Date


Hand of Fate 2 will release on the 7th of November. So it has been uttered by Defiant Development. I assume that is just how the deck played out. People who have played the original Hand of Fate will be excited, those who haven’t really should go off and play it. And then get excited with the rest of us.

The original Hand of Fate was an interesting beast. A strange mix of card game, contextual brawler (think Batman/Shadow of Mordor style fisticuffs) and occasional puzzler. It shouldn’t have worked of course. Games made up of more bits of other games than a Frankenstein monster SHOULD never work, but it did. It really, really did.

A massive part of the games charm was that it provided a character to represent what was essentially an RNG system in the form of the Dealer. The Dealer sat across the table from you and dealt out cards from different decks. Each deck represented a level and a challenge with a boss to beat up at the end. He would offer insultingly witty remarks as he dragged you deeper and deeper into his world. The best part is that even though his face is covered you know he is smiling under it. The ACTUAL best part is that you get to beat the stuffing out of him in the game.

In Hand of Fate 2 the Dealer returns and he is apparently not too pleased with us on account of that aforementioned beating. Despite the combat in the first game being quite simple I was really drawn into the game and I can’t wait to see how the premise is expanded on and improved in this new one.

I’ll be all over this come November 7th and if you haven’t played the first one I would suggest grabbing it up in a sale. Hell, just fork over full price for it, it’s worth it.