Heroes of the Storm PTR updates with gameplay changes, Hanzo coming next week


Everyone’s favorite archer from Overwatch invades another game today, as Hanzo has become available to test on the Heroes of the Storm PTR.

Hanzo was originally announced as a new Heroes character, along with Warcraft character Alexstrasza, at BlizzCon a few weeks ago. Now he’s available for everyone to try out before he goes live, as part of a large update on the game’s test server.

Hanzo’s abilities in Heroes work very similarly to how they do in Overwatch. He is a Ranged Assassin character who uses his bow and arrows to fight at a distance, and he’s capable of doing some pretty serious damage.

Like all Heroes characters, Hanzo has two Heroic abilities. The first is Dragonstrike, which is very similar to his Ultimate in Overwatch. His second is called Dragon’s Arrow, which fires a missile that travels across the battlefield and explodes when hitting an enemy hero.

The Heroes PTR update also includes a number of changes announced at BlizzCon, including the 2018 gameplay update. Changes include numerous quality of life improvements to the game’s maps, minion and mercenary updates, and changes to the game’s UI.

Update: Nov. 21, 4:30pm CT:

The gameplay changes are currently live on the PTR, but Hanzo won’t be added for testing until Nov. 27, “[i]n order to focus playtesting and feedback on the 2018 Gameplay Update and Stealth changes found in this patch.”