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Atari Releases First Image Of AtariBox Joystick [Controller]

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Ataribox Controller

Take a look at the first image of AtariBox controller (Joystick). AtariBox is a new home video console scheduled to launch in Q2 2018.

NPD October 2017: Nintendo Switch Named Best Selling Console, Shadow of War Best Selling Game

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Nintendo Switch - Best Selling October 2017 Video Game Console

NPD has shared their October 2017 and in it they named Nintendo Switch as the best selling console and Middle-earth: Shadow of War as a best selling video game.

First Leaked Benchmarks Of RX VEGA 64 Underline Performance Similar To GTX 1080

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AMD Radeon RX Vega

Scores from fresh leaked benchmarks of AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 states the card performes near to GTX 1080.

Amazon - Free PS4 Pro With Sony Bravia OLED TV For $3498, Saving Of $400

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Sony Bravia OLED T.V With Free PS4 Pro

Amazon is giving PS4 Pro for free with the purchase of Sony Bravia OLED TV. The total cost of this Sony Bravia OLED TV and PS4 Pro bundle is $3498 i.e. a $400 saving if purchase separately.

Atari's New Console ATARIBOX - First Images Reveled With Details

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AtariBox Image

After teasing Ataribox at E3 2017, there is more info about this upcoming console, Atari shared a mail with fresh images and design to the console, the specs are still pending for release.

AMD RX Vega To Make Its First Public Appearance At Budapest In July

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AMD is going to showcase the first public appearance of its Radeon RX Vega cards in a gaming event held at Budapest this month. Gamers can live test Vega performance live on various games.

Xbox One X 4K Ultra HD Label Not Just Means True 4K, Also Includes Checkerboarding And Dynamic Resolution

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Xbox One X 4K Ultra HD

Xbox One X 4K has some differences, the games coming on it will be 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Xbox One X Enhanced. 4K Ultra HD also includes Checkerboarding And Dynamic Resolution.

Microsoft Executive Tells Why Xbox One X Cost $100 More Than PS4 Pro

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Xbox One X

Xbox One X is costlier compared to PS4 Pro and both consoles back 4K gaming. Microsoft Executive in an interview justifies the higher cost of this new console.

Xbox One X vs. S Size Comparison - Is It Really The Smallest Xbox Console Ever?

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Xbox One X

Microsoft claims Xbox One X to be the most powerful and slimmest console ever, well there is not much difference in size compared to One S.

Xbox One S Price Lower By $50 Before Scorpio’s E3 2017 Launch

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Xbox One S

Xbox One S price is announced on a discounted rate today on twitter, there will be a fifty dollar relief to the buyers.