Harmonix Employees Caught Red Handed Posting Rave Reviews Of Rock Band 4 on AMAZON

Before buying a product on online retailers like AMAZON, many of you tends to go through the reviews of verified buyers. How will you react if I say that most of those reviews are FAKE and are written by the product manufacturer themselves? Recently, Harmonix employees have been caught posting rave reviews about Rock Band 4 on AMAZON.

Rock Band 4

As discovered by Reddit user “Camera9”, Harmonix employees seem to have taken to AMAZOn to post their own favorable reviews of the game. Initially, Camera9 thought that it was a rogue employee but more digging around put forward an altogether different scenario, as many as 7 Harmonix employees have posted rave reviews about Rock Band 4. This thing point towards only one thing, it’s more of an initiative than anything else.

This is completely unethical and disappointing at the same time. Here is the snapshot of the Harmonix employees rave Review about Rock Band 4. You can find the real names by clicking on the wish list of the reviewer.