Free to Play Shooter Hawken to Shut Down on PC


Hawken, the F2P mech shooter, is shutting down. The developers announced today that the game would wrap up on PC on January 2nd, 2018. The game has been in Early Access for five years, was helmed by different developers and struggled to find purchases on Steam.

The game was originally developed by Adhesive Games, but was taken over by Reloaded Games in 2015 and finally by 505 Games in 2016. It was a troubled timeline for a troubled game.

I played some Hawken when it first hit Steam but struggled to move past some of the more heavy handed F2P elements of the game. This is a shame, as I enjoyed the mech combat for what it was, although the game never really managed to convey the weight of mechs in a satisfying manner.

The developers attempted a mild relaunch of the game in May of this year. This took the form of a large update including new content and bug fixes, but once again the game failed to find an audience. Arguably the game’s finest point was its level design, but overall the game didn’t seem to offer enough to grab a large player base.

The developers have said that they wish to refocus their efforts on other areas. You can read their statement in their community forum.