HDMI 2.0 Official Announced: 18Gbps Bandwidth, 4K Video at 60fps and More


HDMI Forum has just officially announced HDMI 2.0. In addition to the announcement, a complete specificaition for HDMI 2.0 is also revealed.

HDMI 2.0Fans will be happy to know that bandwidth has been increased by a significant amount to 18GBPS and ability to carry 4K video at 60fps. HDMI 2.0 also features 32 audio channels.

Robert Blanchard of Sony Corporation, president of the HDMI Forum said, “The introduction of the HDMI 2.0 Specification represents a major milestone for the HDMI Forum,”

”Our members collaborated closely to take the highly successful HDMI Specification to the next level by expanding audio and video features for consumer electronics applications.”

HDMI forums has promised to unveil more details and features of HDMI 2.0 at IFA 2013 on September 6.

Source: Engaget via NeoGaf