Hello Neighbor Headed to Retail Shelves


Hello Neighbor is a game that is familiar to quite a few people who spend their time searching for gems on Steam. It’s already been through both an alpha and beta, and will see a full release for PC and Xbox One on December 8, 2017. Today, however, tinyBuild and Gearbox Publishing announced that Hello Neighbor would be coming to retail shelves as well.

Hello Neighbor to Retail Shelves

Hello Neighbor Retail Shelves
Hello NeighbortinyBuild • Fair Use

Hello Neighbor sees players moving into a new suburb, only to discover that their neighbor is hiding something in their basement. Like The Burbs, your only course of action is to break into their house and get into the basement. Standing in your way, of course, is a neighbor who, at least in the beta, had access to far more bear traps than anyone in the suburbs should. This neighbor is also said to be an advanced AI, so it’ll be interesting to see if there are any measurable differences from the AI quality in other games.

While we’ve known that Hello Neighbor would arrive on the PC and Xbox One on December 8, 2017 for some time, the news that it would be coming to retail shelves is new. Personally, I struggle to see the point of physical copies of games and the retailers that sell them. I’m more than happy to snag my games from my PC or the applicable app on my console of choice. I suppose the future collector brewing in me will regret this, but for now convenience wins the battle.

You can find out more about Hello Neighbor by visiting the official site. You can also check back with TL;DR Games when Hello Neighbor launches, as we’ll be sure to stress one of our writers out by having them provide a full review, full of horror stories about bear traps.