Hello Neighbor Receives Nintendo Switch PEGI Rating


TinyBuild’s Hello Neighbor has scored some serious hype over the past few years, despite the game’s game relatively negative reviews upon release. But for the title’s diehard fans, tinyBuild may bringing the first-person stealth title to one more platform: Nintendo Switch.

Hello Neighbor tasks players with breaking into their new neighbor’s house and heading into their basement to uncover some sort of horrifying secret. Built in Unreal Engine 4 and released for PC and Xbox One, the game’s artistic style, fundamental ideas, and story concept were all originally praised leading up to release. And even afterwards, the game’s premise is still considered pretty unique for an industry largely caught up in combining first-person stealth with horror.

And tinyBuild may be banking on that initial excitement for a Nintendo Switch release. Searching for Hello Neighbor on the PEGI website reveals that the game has a PEGI rating for the Nintendo Switch alongside its PC and Xbox One counterparts. A PlayStation 4 rating is also listed, too. All three titles list a Dec. 8 2017 release date, however, so it’s unclear if PEGI gave Hello Neighbor a blanket rating or if alternate releases were planned and later shelved.

It’s hard to tell for now, but Hello Neighbor wouldn’t be tinyBuild’s first Switch game. The publisher previously brought both top-down shooter Mr. Shifty and hack-and-slash indie title Phantom Trigger to the console. So it’s always a possibility that Hello Neighbor will land on the console in the near future, if PEGI is any indicator.

H/T MyNintendoNews