Here’s How You Can Fix Tom Clancy’s The Division Bodies’s Collision Bug

 Here’s How You Can Fix Tom Clancy’s The Division Bodies’s Collision Bug

If you are playing The Division, you might have noticed an embarrassing issue regarding bodies’ collision. Basically, you are not allowed to walk through another players’ avatar, meaning that if a player is blocking the entrance to a room you won’t have any chance to pass through that door.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Now, speaking with Gamespot, Ubisoft has provided more details about how you can work around this particular “glitch”. It seems like you need to push on other players for 3+ seconds, and then you will be able to pass through them without fearing to be stuck in a position where you can’t complete your missions.

“If you run into the unfortunate event where other players are blocking your path and you’re unable to enter or exit safe houses or the Dark Zone, make sure to keep this workaround in mind: Players can force their way past (or through) others by continuously running into said players for ~3 seconds. This will result in you passing through their character model, at which point you can get back on mission.”

This is pretty different from Destiny and other multiplayer titles on consoles, where you can simply pass through other characters. Probably, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft thought about this like a move in favor of realism, but we’ll have to see if players will push on them to get rid of this feature.

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