Hideo Kojima Claims He’s Not Wasting Death Stranding Dev Time On Social Media

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has shared a couple tweets where he details that’s he’s been often asked why he’s on Twitter and Instagram all day long instead of working on Death Stranding.

We’re horrified at the idea that people really get to ask such things, but he’s been kind enough not to lose his temper and provide a quick explanation.

On Twitter, of course.

“I’ve been often asked when do I read books or see movies in my busy days. Everyday I spend my time in game creation and in between I see movies, read books, do some writings, meat ppl [SIC], & do SNS. 1 day is 24 hrs, 1 year is 365 days for everyone,” he said.

“There’s no time to waste.”

Hideo Kojima Claims He's Not Wasting Death Stranding Dev Time On Social Media

“Of course you need a break, but I’m a type of person who always “thinks” even when eating, bathing, shopping, and traveling so my mind is always fully working,” he added, and then he mentioned an interview he had recently.

“I told the interviewer that I never switch off my creativity. I sometimes do think even in my dream while sleeping.”

So, let the poor guy have his legit share of fun on social networks and wherever he likes; Death Stranding is coming soon and sure enough the deadline’s for its release – which is rumored to be revealed at TGA in December – is not set depending on what he does in his free time.