Hideo Kojima’s New Tweets Hint At Mascotte Ludens “Frontier Spirit”

Hideo Kojima has provided a few new details about Kojima Productions logo and mascotte Ludens. While there is an important chance this mascotte could be coming in the first new Kojima Productions title as the main character (rumors want it to be played by Norman Reedus), the iconic game director is focusing on the philosophy behind it.

Hideo Kojima Mascotte Ludens

“The icon of Kojima Productions is LUDENS (those who play) who delivers NEW PLAY in NEW FUTURE with the use of cutting edge equipment, technology & frontier spirit. Western & Eastern, past & future, destruction & frontier,adventure & creation, real & fake, all these images got into fusion,” Kojima said in a few tweets.

Interestingly, those tweets included some new insights about Ludens and screenshots that really look like they want to hint at something.

At first you would say Ludens is somehow pointing at the stars with his “frontier spirit” – could the first new Kojima game about sci-fi and space exploration, or is it just something related to exploring new frontiers in game development?

Unfortunately, it looks like it will still take some time before we can get some official and more concrete details about what Kojima is cooking next.