Hitman news expected from IO Interactive at the end of the month


It’s been pretty quiet on the Hitman front since IO Interactive claimed control of the franchise independently of Square Enix. But now it looks like that silence is about to be broken on Oct. 24, when the company will unveil additional content for the game.

IO Interactive took to the official company blog to make the announcement, which comes as a pleasant surprise. But there’s one important thing: The additional content isn’t “season two,” but there will be a slew of new goodies to get excited for. We won’t know more about the big announcement for the game until the end of the month, but there’s more coming in the interim.

For instance, on Oct. 13 Hitman will receive an injection of 10 new contracts in addition to the Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack, which will unlock a new item if players complete all five challenges included with it. Later, a player-curated list of 10 contracts will be added to the game, which should be an interesting way to shake things up.

Hitman is far from dead, just laying dormant for a bit while IO Interactive works on polishing up the content it’s been working on recently. If you haven’t played through Square Enix’s vision of the popular stealth series, you can pick up the entire collection with every episode included for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One now. It’s a good idea to go ahead and get acquainted with the content that’s already out there before the new stuff drops.