Hitman’s Second Episode Release Date To Be Announced Next Week


Hitman’s second episode, set in the fictional Italian city of Sapienza, is having a release date next week, according to developer IO Interactive. The episode will launch in April and will cost $9,99 for everyone who already own the Intro Pack (including a tutorial/prologue with two missions and the Paris location).

Hitman Second Episode

Together with this news, IO Interactive also detailed that Elusive Targets won’t be releasing until “closer to the planned release” of the second episode, although they were expected to launch in around 10 days from the Intro Pack day one.

Elusive Targets are special one-off targets that appear in the game for a limited amount of time and give players a single chance to take them out, and currently represent the biggest “live” component which is at the base of the new Hitman philosophy.

A new ‘Vampire Magician Challenge Pack’ featuring ten new challenges is also due to release “in the coming weeks”, IO says, all of which will require players to take out their targets while wearing the Vampire Magician disguise.