HoloLens Dev Builds AR Version Of Portal


Developer Kenny W. has provided one interesting piece of HoloLens capabilities’ showcase by building a custom version of Portal for the VR/AR Microsoft device. HoloLens is still in a devkit/testing fashion, so it’s very, very expensive and limited to specific territories, so you might be watching something you won’t be able to get at least for a while.

Portal Playable On HoloLens

While we’ve already seen Portal based projects coming from indie developers on virtual reality devkits and final headset, Kenny’s effort is even more interesting because it has been built specifically for an AR environment. So it takes something more in comparison with virtual reality, as you could be able to see in the video attached to the news.

The video shows how simply you can use your gravity gun in order to grab a cube and build portals all over the place – no matter where you are, your place is the setting for the game, just like in any other augmented reality/HoloLens application. It’s very neat, although it still remains to see how the app actually renders when you’re wearing the device.