Homefront single player will last more than 8 hours

Kaos Studios has commented that the single player campaign of Homefront will last longer than 8 hours, which will increase as the skill of the user.

Homefront screens

As Zach Wilson explained, designer of Homefront, “Some of them will get through it in eight hours, some of them will take longer than eight hours. There’s a varying level of challenge depending on the skill of the player.”

Mr. Wilson added more “We’ve honestly seen players take more than an entire day play through the single-player campaign, sitting down and not doing anything else.”

In another vein, Zach Wilson also re-emphasized the influence of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 in that campaign, as well as the action, they want the player to appreciate the world around them in game. On March 11, it will launch in Europe, and we all will be able to test the quality of the campaign in this promising action game.