Homefront: The Revolution Patch 1.4 Fixes Multicore CPU’s Performances, Crash and HDR On PC, Changelog Revealed


Homefront: The Revolution has had more than an issue since its day one, on all the platforms of availability (consoles were particularly mined by a lagging frame rate). Anyway, PC has met the most severe problems, with bugs preventing players to progress through the story mode. While some game breaking bugs will be fixed next week, a first patch has been released today on Steam: here you have the full changelog detailing what Dambuster Studios has achieved.

Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution Patch 1.4 Changelog:

Save Stalls– We have optimized the number of checkpoint save locations throughout the single player campaign. This means that the short ‘pauses’ that the player encounters are reduced and the game will now inform you that it is saving.

There will also be further optimizations in an upcoming patch.

  • Missing Map Icons – Players who were missing icons after updating to the v1.03 patch should now see their progress restored. You should now be able to continue your game, however there may be some slight inconsistencies with the hearts and minds stats.
  • Crash Fixes – We have fixed many crash related issues across all platforms
  • Multicore CPU’s – PC players should now see better performance from their CPU. We fixed an issue that meant multicore CPU’s were not being fully utilized.
  • HDR Rendering – Implemented HDR rendering optimizations for Nvidia hardware.

Hopefully things will get better at least on PC for this game, that would’ve deserved a much better development considering the good story premises.