Horizon: Zero Dawn Budget Revealed, The Game Is The Largest Dutch Media Production Ever

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During a recent interview with a Dutch newspaper, Guerrilla Games has provided an idea of what the budget for Horizon: Zero Dawn has been like. The game, which is the first open world effort coming from the Killzone developer and has just released for PS4/PS4 Pro, has cost the software house and its publisher Sony an amount around $47 million.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The studio makes blockbuster games “being played by millions of gamers around the world. With a production budget of more than 45 million – Guerrilla does not mention the exact amount – Horizon Zero Dawn is the largest Dutch media production ever.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn has been in the works for a team of 250 people + 100 from China (outsource), for 6 years in total. Pre-production has been conducted by a team of 20 staffers. “We talk constantly to know what everybody is doing,” says Wolterbeek Muller.

Looking at how big the open world title has ended up being, we’re not surprised by reading these figures. Hopefully, the outcome is good enough so we can see and play a sequel sooner or later.