Horizon Zero Dawn Day One Patch 1.01 And Patch 1.02 Live Now, Official Changelog Out

Horizon Zero Dawn is officially scheduled to launch on February 28 and to make sure that everything is in place at the time of the game’s launch, Guerrilla Games has already released Day One patch for the game. The update is now available for download: Patch 1.01 and Patch 1.02, download size of about 228 MB.

Horizon Zero Dawn Day One patch

Here is a list of changes and new additions that have been made to Horizon Zero Dawn via Patch 1.01 and Patch 1.02:

Changelog of Patch 1.01

  • Added options to switch graphics mode and HDR rendering
  • Multiple crash fixes and progression
  • Various performance improvements

Changelog of Patch 1.02:

  • Multiple crash fixes and progression
  • Various fixes to avoid getting stuck player
  • Updated visual settings
  • Performance improvements

The game has received positive review score from many media outlets, Engadget praised the game’s powerful narrative and strong character development. Players who received their copy of the game early shared a lot of screenshots showing how impressive the game looks on PlayStation 4 Pro, the attention to detail is simply astonishing.