Horizon Zero Dawn Day One Patch Size Is 16 GB, Very Hard Difficulty Settings Unlocked From The Start (Update)


Almost two weeks time is still left for the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, the brand new PlayStation 4 exclusive IP from Guerilla Games. As we informed you yesterday that selected few retailers on Middle-East and South America have broken the street date of Horizon Zero Dawn i.e. selling the legit retail copies of the game early, few lucky players managed to grab a copy for themselves, revealing some previously unknown details.

Horizon Zero Dawn Day One Patch And Leaked Ending

According to Neogaf user Musician655321, Horizon Zero Dawn has a Big DAY ONE patch, size 16 GB. “Disc is in. 16 gig install immediately. Gimme like 15 mins,” he said on Neogaf.

In addition to this, Musician655321 also revealed that all the difficulty levels will be available right from the start of Horizon Zero Dawn. The game comes with 4 difficulty setting: Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard, according to the details shared by Guerilla Games’ Mathijs de Jonge.

Lastly, Mathijs in a recent conversation with a fan confirmed that the Horizon Zero Dawn plot and ending details posted on the internet is FAKE. When asked: “Is the rumor true that the ending of horizon reveals that the humans in the game are actually AI?” Mathijs replied: “Nothing in those rumors indicates that that person actually played the game.”

Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled to launch on February 28 exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.


Mathijs de Jonge has clarified via Twitter that there is no Day One Patch for Horizon Zero Dawn. Then what exactly this 16 GB thing is? according to Mathijs, its’ the game installing on HDD.

Source: Neogaf