Horizon Zero Dawn: E3 2016 vs PS4 Pro Retail Comparison, Improvements Will Blow Your Mind

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YouTube channel Cycu1 has provided a new in-depth look and comparison between E3 2016 and PS4 Pro retail version of Horizon: Zero Dawn, showing all the differences between the two builds. Interestingly, more than simple downgrades or upgrades, the video remarks what Guerrilla Games actually did to the game in the few months separating the Los Angeles event and the final release.

Horizon Zero Dawn: E3 2016 vs PS4 Pro Retail Version Comparison

Indeed, the Dutch developer did quite a huge job in the few months separating the two appointments, changing the position of certain scenes from one place in the game to another, or even switching the internal seasons in order to have a better matching with the story.

On top of that, few other things were tweaked technically, with lighting looking less glossy now and a bit more realistic, better texturing both on the protagonists and environments, and less blur being in place, even though secondary NPC look slightly less detailed now. It seems the dev team had to balance all components in the game, and they did it quite well from what we see.

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, exclusively for PS4. PS4 Pro offers two graphics mode: one with 4K checkerboard rendering and another, called Performance mode, which is building for higher and more stable frame rate. Which one do you think you’re playing?