Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wild DLC Features New Maps, Weapons And Lot of New Updates

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The Frozen Wild DLC is the fresh new expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn that features new map, quest, weapons and many more updates. Recently at E3 2017 conference a preview and expansion on this DLC has brought out some amazing info.

 The Frozen Wild DLC

In an interview at the conference Hermen Hulst MD of Guerrilla games called the DLC very beefy. He further said there is a new territory in the game that will take the players to a new realm. Players will encounter the tribe’s people who live in the harsh icy wild lands of northern mountain range.

According to him there is a good sized map in the game that will deliver hours of gameplay with plenty of new stuffs. Players will get a chance to explore the new culture of these tribal people, they will face new challenges, pass through new settlements and quest. Also with new weapons there is other more stuff. It was also said that this DLC brings the final point where Aloy will find answer for what she is searching for.

Source: YouTube Coverage