Horizon Zero Dawn Is Best PS4 Pro 4K Game To Date: Tech Analysis

With the embargo lifted off yesterday, on February 20 press outlets and journalists were able to provide us with reviews and technical impressions about Horizon: Zero Dawn, the upcoming action RPG from Guerrilla Games which releases exclusively on PS4 on February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe.

Horizon Zero Dawn Tech Analysis

From this very first analysis, it comes out PS4 Pro version really stands out as the first proper game deserving a try on the latest console from Sony in 4K.

“Horizon’s excellent performance at checkerboard 4K vs the native 1080p of the base PS4 version is a great achievement. While the Pro hardware has 2.3x the GPU power of the standard model, memory bandwidth hasn’t scaled in step – and it’s rare that we see a PS4 engine scale so gracefully between 1080p on base hardware and 4K on Pro (checkerboard or otherwise). That Guerrilla has achieved this with no impact to performance is impressive enough,” Digital Foundry says.

“While Horizon would be lauded for its resolution boost alone, what we like about the title’s presentation is that Guerrilla has accepted that it’s not just the pixel-count alone that matters – more is required to deliver a great 4K presentation. With that in mind, we were really happy to see improvements to resolution on some textures.”

It’s nice to see that the game shaped up as many were hoping and expecting, and the PS4 Pro version was much anticipated by Sony itself and showcased at the first exhibition of the console (PlayStation Meeting in September). We understand it now!

On top of that, a day zero patch is set to introduce a Performance mode, which will offer, rather than a resolution boost, higher framerates for those willing to have a smoother experience.