Horizon Zero Dawn Review Embargo Ends On February 20, Review Build Download Size Is 45 GB

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive releases of 2017. The game has already achieved GOLD status and is all set to launch worldwide on February 28. Guerrilla Games has already started sending out the review code to select few media outlets. A Neogaf user has shared some additional new details related to the Horizon Zero Dawn review embargo and the size of the review build.

Horizon Zero Dawn Review Embargo

According to the details shared by Neogaf user Kenzodielocke, the embargo on Horizon Zero Dawn will end on February 20, and the download size of the review build is 45GB. Sadly, no details were shared on the exact end time of review embargo.

The good news is that many PlayStation fans will be able to figure out whether or not to go for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The review embargo ends 8 days ahead of game’s official release. Guerrilla Games seems really confident about their product and has not tied to embargo till February 28.

Horizon Zero Dawn (according to a rumor) is about 20 Hours long and requires about 45 Hours to 100% completion. In terms of gameplay, Horizon Zero Dawn is said to be a very traditional RPG, based on a map which in total is as big as the full The Witcher 3’s Velen, with desert, tropical forest, hills, ancient ruins, snow mountains, not counting seas.