Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quest Don’t Feel Same, Reminds Of The Witcher 3, Dialogue Option Feels Mass Effect


As you might have already noticed lately, Horizon: Zero Dawn is already in the hands of few lucky guys who are giving the game an early try thanks to copies sold ahead of the street date. Luckily enough, the new Guerrilla Games open world title is being praised for some of its gameplay features and more, as you can read below.

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests

According to these early users, for example, side quests are pretty “meaningful” and diverse, and things look ultimately different from other open games where you usually repeat missions over missions without them being really interesting in terms of story and gameplay. Considering this is the first open world effort from Guerrilla, it’s a great news.

On top of that, many side quests reportedly show up all of a sudden, when you travel your way across the map in order to reach a specific mission. “You’ll sometimes just find people out in the world for their own reasons. And you learn why they’re there and it fleshes out the lore and politics,” an interesting report reveals.

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases on February 28 in the United States and March 1 in Europe.

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