Horizon Zero Dawn Street Date Broken, Exact Review Embargo Time Revealed

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Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive release of 2017, has already gone GOLD. The game is all set to launch worldwide on February 28. Isn’t these words sounds good on paper? Here comes the bad news, few retailers have officially broken the street date of Horizon Zero Dawn i.e. the legit retail copy of the game is already available for purchase at select few retailers (especially in the Middle-East).

Horizon Zero Dawn Street Date Broken

The following image was shared by a user on Neogaf. It shows a sealed copy of Horizon Zero Dawn (legit retail copy). So if you are looking forward to enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn starting from February 28 then be careful about the spoilers.

Also, as you all know that the reviews of Horizon Zero Dawn will go live starting February 20. Here is the exact time when the reviews of Horizon Zero Dawn will be available on February 20: 12 AM PST, 3 AM EST, 8 AM GMT, 9 AM CET.

Horizon Zero Dawn