Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC Free To Select Players

Horizon Zero Dawn On PC

Horizon Zero Dawn, the PlayStation exclusive launched Q1 2017 took the whole gaming community by storm. The game equally pleased the fans as well as the critics. The game’s well-narrated story, addictive gameplay, and amazing graphics, the best-looking title of PS4, made it the Game of the year for many PS4 players.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - How To Get It Free

Last month The Frozen Wilds DLC was released for the game. This DLC is the only campaign-related DLC for the game, and in recent reports, it is seen that Sony is giving the DLC codes to a few PSN users for free. The reports came from hotukdeals and the initial reports came from EU.

The first post of this came from a player by the gamer tag, dragonball_lee108. He says that he didn’t buy the Horizon Zero Dawn nut, borrowed it from his friend. He completed the campaign and had obtained the Platinum trophy in the game. Now, it is known that Sony does Platinum player exclusive giveaways, as they are the players who grind a bit more. However, this particular giveaway of the DLC is platinum exclusive or not is evident.

All the PS community Platinum trophy holders can do is wait in eagerness to see whether they get the DLC or not.