Horizon Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds DLC Out Tomorrow


Horizon Zero Dawn suckered me in with robot dinosaurs but kept me playing with solid gameplay and a beautiful world. Tomorrow, November 7, we get another slice of action and story from Guerrilla Games in the form of The Frozen Wilds DLC.

For people who haven’t played the game, Horizon Zero Dawn is a third-person action game from the folks who brought you Killzone. You play as Aloy, and there are many interesting adventures waiting for you in the game. You also fight robot dinosaurs, which is pretty much the best part. The game is a Playstation 4 exclusive, and appears to tease every bit of power out of the console to produce a fantastic looking world.

The Frozen Wilds is a story based expansion for the game which releases tomorrow, and is available for preload now. You can take a look at what kind of new things the DLC will bring to the game in the video below.

I absolutely adored Horizon Zero Dawn and it became one of the few games where I became obsessed with trying to clear the map. I wanted to collect and see everything in the game. It also provided a complete story all of its own, which is why I am so eager to get my hands on this DLC tomorrow. I will happily support good titles and purchase DLC when I don’t get the feeling that what I am buying was cut from the main game just to be sold separately.

Guerrilla Games have stated that the game will include a new story, a new area and new machines to fight. Hopefully some of them are on the large side, as fighting the Rockbreakers and Stormbirds in the first game is one of my favorite gaming moments of the year.

Will you be picking up the Frozen Wilds DLC? I sure will be!