How Much Weapons and Melee Have Evolve from GTA 1 to GTA V

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Grand Theft Auto V GameInformer Screen 3

Just few more weeks to go for the launch of next installment in GTA series, GTA V. The series has come a long way and has been a undisputed king in the open world genre. None of you will disagree if i say that GTA franchise has been one of the best evolution of a video game series ever. Now with GTA V, Rockstar Games aims to take things even further as it will offer players ton of activities missions and more.

GTA VTo celebrate the arrival of GTA, lets take a look evolution of Weapon in GTA Series (i.e from GTA 1 to GTA V). These include guns, melee weapons, and miscellaneous items or weapons, like the camera, binoculars, parachute, and dildo. Melee without items is possible in all games, with kicks and punches being used.

Take a look at Evolution of Weapons below:

All Thanks to Reddit User “Rhymes