How to get countdown charms in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Countdown charms are Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s newest currency, replacing candy canes as the winter holiday event ends and the New Year’s event begins.

The New Year’s–themed event began on Dec. 26 and will continue through Jan. 11. Countdown charms will be handed out during the event as rewards for completing requests from animals around the campsite. Likewise, they can be earned through collecting minerals at the Shovelstrike Quarry and for completing stretch goals and timed goals.

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They’re used to unlock special New Year’s–themed furniture only available until Jan. 11.

Animals will hand out countdown charms for completed requests, but the most efficient way to earn loads of countdown charms is to complete timed goals. The goals are listed in the Timed Goals menu.

  • Complete three requests for visiting animals — 10 countdown charms
  • Complete 10 requests for visiting animals — 10 countdown charms
  • Complete 30 requests for visiting animals — 40 countdown charms
  • Complete 70 requests for visiting animals — 40 countdown charms
  • Craft fancy kadomatsu — 10 countdown charms
  • Craft basket of tangerines — 10 countdown charms
  • Craft zodiac dog — 10 countdown charms
  • Craft flowery kotatsu — 40 countdown charms
  • Craft fancy kagamimochi — 40 countdown charms
  • Craft OK Motors kite — 40 countdown charms

Other timed goal rewards include the the three clothing items available in the New Year’s event—kimono sandals, kimono, and blue haori. Once enough countdown charms have been amassed, the special event furniture is listed under the Limited Time menu under the Crafting menu.

These items, and the countdown charms, will only be available until Jan. 11.