How To Fix Nasty PS4 Brick Freeze Issue i.e OS Won’t Load From HDD Even Though Blue Pluse Show Up


Playstation 4 is already out in a wild early for few lucky gamers but it hasn’t been a smooth launch for them. One user who got access to PS4 early has encounter Brick after freeze issue.

Playstation 4The actual issue in this case is that, PS4 won’t show any images/picture or User Interface even though light pulse on console is BLUE in color. PS4 tries to load data from HDD but unable to do so and due to this reason Operating System won’t load at all even though everything seems to be working fine.

Now to fix this nasty issue follow the step-by-step guide listed below.

How to Fix PS4 Brick Freeze Issue Guide 1:

Step 1:

  • Turned OFF Console

Step 2:

  • Take Out The Hard Disk, how to take out HDD is explain HERE.

Step 3:

  • Turn ON console, and boot it in Safe Mode “White Lightbar” will show-up

Step 4:

  • Plugged in Controller and Re-place HDD

Step 5:

  • Safe Mode Will Properly Restored the HDD

Step 6:

  • PS4 will reboot automatically and will work fine

How to Fix PS4 Brick Freeze Issue Guide 2:

Step 1:

  • Unplug your HDD

Step 2:

  • Boot the Console without HDD, it will automatically load Safe Mode (white lightbar) and asks for a HDD

Step 3:

  • Turn OFF, plug in the HDD again and boot the Console again

Step 4:

  • PS4 will boot into Safe Mode again and you can recover now the necessary OS Data, PS4 will start again and will boot into OS again.

If you need any more help, let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit