How to build up friendships in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Making friends in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a lot easier than it is in real life. All it takes it time, clicks, and sometimes a bit of cash.

The game basically revolves around leveling up friendships with the animals at the campsite. But to maximize those friendships, you’ve got to keep the animals happy—and they can be pretty demanding. But the friendship system is built around a few different actions.

  • Fulfilling request
  • Chatting
  • Inviting animals over

Both request filling and campsite invites require you to do stuff for the respective animal. Let’s break it down.

Fulfilling requests

When you click on an animal, a few options will pop up. Most animals will have requests—but you can find them easily from the map screen. (Animals move around, so their availability is timed.) A request bubble will pop over an animal’s head and show you what they want. If it’s in your inventory, a green checkmark will appear above the item. If you don’t have an item, it’ll show 0/1. If you have the items they’re looking for, click on them to talk. If not, go find those items! You may have to travel between areas to find them.

After handing over the items, the animal will give you a reward, but your friendship level will go up, too.


You’ll often have the option to make small talk with a character—asking them what’s up or how they’re doing. This is, by far, the easiest way to raise your friendship level, so be sure to check back in with animals frequently.

But to really make a dent in your friendship level, you’re going to have to do a lot of chatting.

Invite animals over

To get animals to visit your campsite, you have to first reach a minimum friendship level. Some animals won’t come over unless your campsite suits their likes, too. That means you’re going to have to spend time and Leaf Tickets on decorating for specific tastes.

The respective animal will not be shy in telling you what their requirements are for visiting. Once you’ve crafted the item and placed it on your campsite, they’ll be able to stop by.

Once you reach level 10, you’ll be able to unlock amenities for your campsite—these will push your friendship levels with animals past the initial cap, which is set at seven. Upgrading amenities will up friendship levels with animals that prefer specific styles. So if Isabelle liked cute items and you upgrade the cute tent, she’ll be pleased.

Once a friendship level has reached level 10, you can grant special requests for animals. These take a lot more time and money than normal items, but if you want that friendship level to rise, you’ve got to do it.

Once hitting level seven of friendship with an animal, they’ll literally give you their shirt, which is a neat perk. Well, they’ll give you an extra shirt—they’ll keep wearing one, too. Besides buying clothes, it’s the only way to get clothes in the game.