How to Get Candy Canes in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s holiday update is now live, but to get the new holiday-themed content, you’re going to need a new form of currency—candy canes.

Like all furniture in Pocket Camp, you need materials to create items. For the holiday event, all you need are candy canes and bells. All of the new furniture added for the Pocket Camp holiday event is listed in the special portion of the crafting menu.

Once you’ve got the bells to purchase an item, you’re going to want to work on collecting candy canes. The most efficient way to earn candy canes is from completing event challenges in the timed goal menu.

  • Complete three requests for visiting animals — 20 candy canes
  • Complete 10 requests for visiting animals — 40 candy canes
  • Craft the Jingle Checked Sofa — 20 candy canes
  • Craft a Mountain of Presents — 20 candy canes
  • Craft the Jingle Checked Bed — 40 candy canes
  • Craft the Jingle Snow Globe — 80 candy canes
  • Craft the Festive Street Light — 80 candy canes

Likewise, just doing requests for animals can earn you extra candy canes. They’re also gifted as a log-in bonus, and from visiting the Shovelstrike Quarry. These two methods aren’t nearly as efficient as doing the timed goals, though, but they’re still a nice bonus.

The event runs until Dec. 26, so get to collecting those candy canes.