How To Get Replacement PS4 Unit From Amazon For Defective PS4 Pre-order For FREE


Did you received a defective Playstation 4 from Amazon?, Sony is offering you a replacement unit for it that too for FREE of COST.

Sony just updated the Playstation 4 support website with a step by step tutorial on how to claim replacement PS4 unit via Amazon.

Step 1:
Go to amazon website, find your order number for the defective ps4.

Step 2:
Then click scroll down to where it says “Let us help you” on the right side any amazon page. Click “Help”

Step 3:
Then click the yellow “Contact us” button on the middle of the right side of the page Or Click This LINK

Step 4:
Select your order,

Step 5:
Tell Us about your Issue – Select an issue – “Returns and refunds”

Step 6:
Select Issue Details: – “Other Return and refund issue”

Step 7:
Then Click on Chat or Phone if you prefer.

Step 8:
You can copy and paste the following to start a conversation in the right direction: “I was told you had a special replacement and return policy for broken PlayStation 4’s. I would like to make sure mine is a part of that replacement policy.”

More Details:

Because amazon had so many complaints about broken ps4’s the have created a special return policy to deal with the returns and keep their customers happy.

As far as I can tell on Nov 17th someone in amazon issued this new policy in a form of an alert.

Amazon, will send you a replacement as soon as they get one in-stock. First come, first served. They will send you the replacement and you can send back your old broken ps4 in the box that the new one came in. You can wait until you have made sure the new replacement is working before you send it back. They won’t charge you for the replacement. But you must send the broken one back.

I immediately received an email confirming my replacement order was in process and I will receive my unit when ready (could take several business days…she said might be closer to Friday). I urge anyone having this issue to contact Amazon and have them get this process going….I’ve been through this with Sony service for my PS3 and it became a nightmare later when the replacement unit did not have the same serial # as the original box and invoice….get a new one..Amazon is not requiring you to ship the old one back until you are 100 percent satisfied and have the working unit in your living room.

If you amazon rep is unaware of this policy, have them check with a manager or ask to be transfered.

Please double check the return policy details that are posted here with your amazon customer service rep just to make sure.

Source: PS4 Support Page